Low calorie / balanced carb-protein

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Bars / snacks, Supplements

Drinks, Supplements

Packed / camping meals

A healthy, high-protein breakfast Supports muscle mass development and fat tissue reduction A variety of flavours and the preparation only takes 3 minutes!

Bars / snacks, Supplements

Delicious bars high in protein and dietary fiber. No added sugar, gluten free. Healthy snack.

Fatburn, Packed / camping meals

ICONFIT Diet Shake helps you lose weight with tasty and balanced meal replacement shakes. Each shake is high in protein and fiber, collagen, green tea extract to support fat burning and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Only 210kcal shakes keep you feeling full and help keep your daily calorie intake low.

Bars / snacks, Supplements

Protein bar rich in protein and dietary fiber. Low fat and carbohydrate content. Sweetened with plant based stevia. Good for those dieting.